2020 Show Letter #1

SHOW DATE - Saturday, June 20, 2020

Once again, it’s time to invite all WEBBY Dance Company students to participate in the annual dance recital. For those of you whose child has not yet participated in a WEBBY Dance Company recital, you are in for a “real treat!” The recital will be performed on Saturday, June 20, 2020 at Centerville Performing Arts Center, 500 E. Franklin St., Centerville OH, 45459 (in the back of Centerville High School). Each class will perform a dance routine, which has been costumed and choreographed especially for them. In addition, all students will participate in the “finale”. Approximately 200 students will perform on stage!

COSTUMES: Costumes are being selected for each dance class and photographs of the costumes will be on display at your child’s school in February 2020 as well as on our website at www.webbydancedayton.com! The costume, with accessories, is yours to keep after the show. Students will be measured in class to assure proper fit. Costumes are ordered from professional costume companies and require approximately 12-14 weeks for delivery. Costumes are paid for when the order is placed and therefore, the $80.00 is due Friday, January 17th, 2020. in order to reserve a place for your child in the recital.

Bright Beginning's families, please register by Friday, February 14th, 2020.

RECITAL FEE: Each family will be charged a recital fee to cover production costs incurred from printing, recording, stage props, and costume ordering and shipping. A quality recital requires hours of work by the WEBBY Dance Company staff , and there are many “behind the scene” expenses.

REHEARSALS: The students will learn show routines during regular class time.

The dates for Costume Pickup and Dress Rehearsals will be announced in the next show letter.

TICKETS: Admission to the performance will be $15.00 per person, ages 3 and under enter free. Costs for program setup, ticket printing, auditorium rental, stage crew, stage manager, and special effects will be covered by ticket sales. All performers and “parent helpers” will enter free. Tickets will be go on presale this Spring at a discounted price of $12.00 per person. Please watch for our next show letter for more details!

The goal is to produce a program that is a fun and an educational experience for the dance students as well as an entertaining attraction for the entire audience. Performance is an important part of dance training. Practicing and dressing in costume is a thrill that lasts a lifetime. We hope you will allow your child to perform with us!


Contact us:

*Phone: (937) 781-0969       *Email: LGlenn@webbydancecompany.com

*PO Box 41153, Dayton OH 45441